All the Rubbish of a Great City – classic literature vs text generation

  From the series of classic literature vs the future… All The Rubbish of a Great City Part 1: No Sun Ever Since That Day   Dear Farewell You may be glad to see your letter of 6th April last from me. You are still in the good humour of the last time, and I Continue Reading

Stanley Lying in his Lap – classic literature

  Part of the classic literature vs artificial intelligence (so-called) game…check out the blog index… Stanley Lying in his Lap His face was almost as pale as his fur and the top part of his ears were slightly raised above the shoulder blades. “Oh, God, what’s happened to me?” he said. “How on Earth have Continue Reading

Why Don’t Cannibals Eat Clowns?

Part of the text generation game series – see blog index. This is not from an old story, I was experimenting with putting jokes and a bit of text into the generator. My new novel due soon has ‘clowns’ in it. Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? 1 Because cannibalism doesn’t produce the same health benefits Continue Reading

Guess the original classics – Born Into Slavery

This is a game to see if you can identify the original story author in the generated text below. It has a new title: Born Into Slavery. The generated text is followed by the classic story which was used as the prompt for the computer generation. For technical details see end. Born Into Slavery What Continue Reading

Fake news and Occupations – Poets and Scientists – it’s debateable

Fake news and Occupations Visit Index page  SUMMARY – Artists and Report writers A visible effect in a boxplot of the data is that the two highest word counts were from Artists and Report Writers. Remember artists have to fill up a lot of grant forms. See Boxplot explanation for how they work (also shows Continue Reading

Stats explanation – boxplots

BOXPLOTS or ‘box-and-whisker’ plots Go to Index of AI research I will try to explain what the boxplot, a visual summary, or graphic visualisation of data, means by showing actual data. [If required – BACK to blog ‘People get emotional – text generation’ in my 2020 study] This plots data for Occupation (eg, Other, Student, Continue Reading

People get emotional – text generation with real writing – computer AI research

In August 2020 research (UAL, see credits) I examined what would happen if and when writers use a computer text generator to write articles, giving them only an image prompt. Go to Index of AI research Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness – emotion charts are after this introduction. Can text generation help the human writing process? Continue Reading

Computer-Human Hybrid AI Writing and Creative Ethics

Introduction This blog is about my 2020 research into computer text generation and the effects on professional ands amateur writers. I am working on this topic at the University of the Arts London (UAL CCI, Dir. Mick Grierson). No-one has asked creatives or writers what they think of the new ‘AI’ systems that generate readable Continue Reading