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AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023 GPT-4 ChatGPT
AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023

Out this week! Links soon! #aicreativeanthology

It’s been tested by GPTZero if that is of interest.


I just did this in GPT-4 since this famous poem appeared before me via Sasha Stiles social media.
Rewrite ALL WATCHED OVER BY MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE Richard Brautigan in the style of Irvine Welsh:

In a world where machines an’ shite rule, ken,
I’m thinkin’ aboot this wicked place,
a mental techno-grassland, like,
where we, daft mammals, an’ computers, right,
get aw cosy, workin’ thegither,
just like the clear water
kissin’ the blue sky, man.

Now, imagine, aye?
A fookin’ cybernetic forest, man,
where digital trees an’ electronics mix,
an’ the deer, they just stroll aroond,
next to computers an’ aw that,
like they’re just wee flowers
wi’ spinny fookin’ petals, mate.

I’m tellin’ ye, it’s gotta be,
a world where nature an’ tech, right,
live in pure harmony, ken,
where we’re free frae aw the hard graft,
an’ back wi’ our furry pals,
wi’ everythin’ watched o’er
by machines full o’ that sweet lovin’ grace, man.

Enough computer-aided fun.

New research underway into the psychology of LLMs (large language models like ChatGPT and many others). This is a new paper (with Mick Grieson at CCI UAL) due by Easter.

Computer Arts Society CAS Talks

I’m hosting 3 x talks with the Computer Arts Society (I’m now on the committee).

AI and Text

AI and Art

AI and Curating

A book will follow this epic of screen-staring.

Details soon.


AI text and writing – how do writers use text generation?

My research on AI text and writers is now online at UAL Research at:

Book – AI Creative Writing Anthology & Reviews

The new book of AI assisted stories, poems, text-art is in draft mode. Publication is March 2023. I am editor, and have also provided some examples from my own research and creative work. Also large history and background sections, pieces on ethics, bias, etc., at the end of the book.

Such as the AI text generated story below, although this had minimal editing. Sometimes it flows really well in that ‘weird’ AI style (GPT-2, yes this an ‘old’ piece). The prompt was the first line. Image conjured up at NightCafe.

News Feb 2023

New video art with Patryk Jaworski is exhibited by in Zurich – please visit “Abstract Originals” and Grid 88  by Geoff Davis at

Music by Metavista (Jawolski/Davis). There is a Catalogue availabge in the elementum Blog section.


Future Green Planet albu

m is online in a sort of quick pre-release. Please listen by clicking here.




Circular River – novel

Circular River cover Geoff Davis 2022
Circular River cover 2022

Circular River, my novel is finally getting published (I started this in 2014). Illustrations are being designed using AI text to art, with post-production editing, and this is taking a while. As you can see above, the main problem with AI is massive over-production. The images above are from using one style only, there are unlimited styles. This leads to choice anxiety or decidophobia (just found this word).

The novel prequel will get released beforehand.

Sign up for free prequel

Anyone on the Story Software mailing list will get the Circular River prequel (first few chapters) so if you want to sign up please email: 

info at storysoftware dot com

July – end September 2022

Micro Arts Group exhibition at British Computer Society Moorgate London July to October 2022. I founded and coded Micro Arts in the 1980s.

See Micro Arts Group for more details.

Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition
Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition

February 2022

I’m editor of a new book of AI co-created hybrid stories, poems, texts. See Story Software for more details of this first ever AI Fiction Anthology 2022

If you have a late entry, please contact me via Twitter Micro Arts Group


3D video art from my art forum digital algo generative art release “Abstract Originals” (Micro Arts MA1) with video artist and musician Patryk Jaworski.

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 still

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 video still

My old Micro Arts Group work is in the Computer Arts Archive collection please visit.

This site is for my current activities. Links here:

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Micro Arts MA1:5

Micro Arts MA1:5  Texture Grid

This work has just been added to the Computer Arts Society’s Archive (British Computer Society) – visit archive

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Writing and image creativity apps – AI text generation, plus zooming ZUI notes and image software app. Now called Creativity Support Tools CST

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This is from Death In The Bubble World (G Davis 1997) which I have put on this site

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Metaverse – 3D and VR

Here’s my VRML (1996) gallery ..

VRML gallery Metaverse 1995
VRML gallery [Metaverse] 1995
VRML gallery Metaverse 1995
VRML gallery [Metaverse] 1995