AI Creative Writing Art Anthology 2nd Ed

News – AI Anthology – July 2024 – Version 2.5

New artists, new cover.

AI Anthology Writing and Arts Edition 2.5 July 2024
AI Anthology Writing and Arts Edition 2.5 July 2024

Computer Arts Society launch 2024. Geoff Davis with Ana María Caballero, Patrick Lichty, James Bloom, Johnny Dean Mann.

486 page book is available free – see below.

Educational edition freely available here. This is also distributed on Amazon and all other platforms – from 17 July 2024. Ebook ISBN 978-1-913584-17-7

With Sasha Stiles, Kevin Abosch, Ana María Caballero, Patrick Lichty, James Bloom, Johnny Dean Mann, Corinne Whitaker, Brian Reffin Smith, William Latham, Geoff Davis, Ivy Ngeow, Iqra Iqbal, Nick Fletcher, Anika Meier, Margaret Murphy and many more.

Plus 20 stories from the First Edition 2023 and articles on Anna Ridler, Tabor Robak, Damien Hirst, Ai Weiwei, Refik Anadol, Nice Aunties, and many other artists. For full artist and author list and contents see below. Please leave your email address for updates and news of more generous gifts.

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    Video of the CAS Launch is here

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    Franke Foundation Berlin
    Foundation Herbert W. Franke, Berlin

    “From Camera to Artificial Intelligence 1954 – 2024 – International Conference.”
    Generative Art Summit
    from the Franke Foundation in Berlin 3-6 July 2024

    I was a guest speaker with “Small is Beautiful – Microcomputers and the Arts”. I talked about the general scene,  experimental film & video, Laurie Anderson, Andy Warhol, cyberpunk,  and my 1980s computer art group Micro Arts.

    A copy of this talk will be on here soon. Email if you want a copy direct: geoffdavis5 at gmail dot com

    Franke Foundation Summit: Expanded Art exhibition Berlin July 2024
    Geoff Davis “Abstract Originals” 1984. Franke Foundation Summit: Expanded Art exhibition ‘The Path to the Present, 1954-2024’ Berlin July 2024

    Organised by art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke. At Academy of Arts, Berlin, Germany.

    Expanded Art: Geoff Davis artworks

    Visit Micro Arts Group

    Herbert W. Franke Foundation: Generative Art Summit

    Cover Geoff Davis Fiction is Filiing July 2024

    FICTION OR FILING NLN Geoff Davis 2024 2003 Short version (PDF)

    Fiction or Filing? This is a short version for 2024, from my 2003 research at Middlesex University Lansdown Centre. It is a long essay about Non Linear Narrative, which has some of my various fictions in it.

    Contact & Socials

    geoffdavis5 at gmail dot com



    Psychology of Large Language Models

    Video online of Geoff Davis – Mood Bias / Happy Ending Syndrome EVA Conference 2023 London presentation please click here Four AI generation tests, based on human psychological models.

      • Robot Rorschach
      • A Visit from ChatGPT
      • GPT on the Couch
      • Humanistic counselling for AI

    AI Mood Bias Paper in EVA Conference London July 2023

    AI Mood Bias & Happy Ending Syndrome Geoff Davis 2023
    Illustration from AI Mood Bias & Happy Ending Syndrome Geoff Davis 2023

    This presentation of my latest paper, on “Psychology of Large Language Models” was on Friday 14 July 2023.


    Micro Arts Group was a generative computer art organisation founded in 1984 by me along with an international group of young artists and programmers. More at Geoff Davis Micro Arts Group


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    Art, Stories and Poems Editor Geoff Davis Introduction Post-Photography AI Generative Art Featured Work: Ana María Caballero & Ivona Tau – City Life Patrick Lichty – Fiction from the Future: Alaskan Domepunk, Faulty Memories and Artificial Hallucinations James Bloom – PFPx30 Johnny Dean Mann – Slow Gods Sasha Stiles – Repetae Ars Autopoetica Kevin Abosch – The Conceit of Full Contact Corinne Whitaker – Pyramids and Pixels Kalen Iwamoto – Romeo and Juliape Iqra Iqbal – Fracture Nick Fletcher – There is always another person there Bruno de Florence – This Is Not A Pipe Alphabetical Artists: NEW for v1.5 – Alkan Avcıoğlu, Koundinya Dhulipalla, Ira Greenberg, Barbara Kruger,  Alex May, Katie Morris, Ivy Ngeow, Joanna Zylinska, Tabor Robak and more. Refk Anadol – Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive Jim Andrews – Aleph 3 & Sea of Po Gordon Berger – Infinity Botto – Art DAO Terence Broad – Ghosts Ana María Caballero – Being Borges Alejandro Cartagena – Neo-Narratives Sougwen Chung – MEMORY Andrea Ciulu – On These Streets ClownVamp – A New Era of Storytelling Harold Cohen & AARON Harold Cohen & Jerome Rothenburg – Flower World Variations Tom Cruise – Deepfake Geoff Davis – Story Generator Redacted Landscapes Pattern City Anna Dumitriu & Alex May – Physic-AI Garden Boris Eldagsen – Fake Memories Kevin Esherick – Herbert Franke – The Orchid Cage extract Keith Haring – Unfinished Art Holly Herndon – Holly+ Damien Hirst – The Currency Hula – Black Pop Workout Andrej Karpathy – RNNs Mario Klingemann – A.I.C.C.A & ONKAOS William Latham – Organic Art MadC (Claudia Walde) – Color Rhythms Maya Man – Most Advanced Yet Acceptable Lauren Lee McCarthy – Voice In My Head Jennifer and Kevin McCoy – Machine Organic Anika Meier – Lost Futures Vera Molnár – AD.VM.AV.IA Margaret Murphy – Road Trip Skye Nicolas – The Intellectual Superiority Of AI Created Art Jurgen Ostarhild – Poems for Damien Hirst Paul Prudence – Text.Ile Roope Rainisto – Never Ever Never Land Linda Dounia Rebeiz – Des Choes™ Anna Ridler – Various and Casual Occursions Tabor Robak – Broken Printer Helena Sarin – Neural Bricolage Nathaniel Stern & Sasha Stiles – Still Moving Martyn Ware – CARLOS (Cyclic And Random Lyric Organisation System) Joanna Walsh – Miss-Communication Ai Wei Wei – Ai vs AI Melissa Wiederrecht & Ana María Caballero – Miss Metaverse Mark Webster – Hypertype Melissa Wiederecht – Is It Art? Crypto-Native Timeline of Text Generation Various Unusual Artists (lists) Research: Geoff Davis – Mood Bias – AI usability & ethics


    Stories and Poems Editor Geoff Davis BUT I’M NOT HIM Maria Cecilia Reyes MAP REFERENCE Nick Fletcher KARL AND ELIZA, A SUPERFICIAL ENCOUNTER Brian Reffin Smith THE ORACLE AND THE CHILD Simon Lewis NAO TIME: THE LAST HUMAN TO BE HUGGED Brad Gallagher & Laura Hyunjhee Kim FIGLA’S DECISION Klaus Spiess THE ROBOT TRILOGY Timothy Miller JOURNEY TO ENLIGHTENMENT Dana Dason ARE MACHINES A HUMANITIES INSTRUCTOR’S BEST FRIENDS? Shu Wan CAT Fania Raczinski THE KAA Iqra Iqbal SUITCASE Albena Baeva TWO LIP RINGS LOOKED LIKE FANGS Corinne Whitaker, aka Digital Giraffe CARNIVAL CARNIVORE (POETRY MACHINE) David Link ARMY OF GOD Dustin Paddock MODELS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY Tivon Rice SONG FOR NOSELF Joshua Hussey POEMS, CONTINUED Ray LC WHY DON’T CANNIBALS EAT CLOWNS? Geoff Davis THE SEA IS THE ANSWER Geoff Davis THE WE OF WE SAY I Geoff Davis COW BOILS HEAD: MA4 STORY GENERATOR 1985 Geoff Davis ALL WATCHED OVER BY MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE Richard Brautigan vs. AI The Writing Life Educational quotes What the Generator Says about Itself Historical Background of Computers and Literature Research: Geoff Davis – Attitudes of 83 writers to GPT text generation Computer Code Generation Employment, Ethics, Bias and more Prompts & Hyperparameters Large Language Models Afterword About the Authors (First Edition) References Before you go The end