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A larger work completed in 2023 will be released later in 2024.

Geoff Davis 2024
Geoff Davis 2024

Please see my art site Micro Arts Group for more details.

PIANO BAR art: Expanded.Art gallery published a Pioneer Grail of one of the Micro Arts MA2 pieces ‘Piano Bar‘ with music.

Micro Arts Piano Bar Geoff Davis computer art
Micro Arts Piano Bar Geoff Davis computer art 1984

Computer Art Society Exhibition July
September 2023

Pattern City Geoff Davis 2023
Pattern City Geoff Davis 2023 – pastel run

July – December 2023. Opens 6pm.

I’m in this with a still from new generative art Pattern City.

Over 50 artworks by over 40 artists (you need a get a free ticket to get into the BCS exhibition space)
More at CAS Exhibition 2023


Thinking Machines exhibition – Berlin June 6-27, 2023

Also a set of the 7 MA1 “Abstract Originals” artworks is at

“The exhibition presents pioneers from different generations, early 1950s until today, working in the field of generative art. On view will be, among others, plotter drawings, generative photography, sculptures, and NFTs from 25 international artists.”

Geoff Davis Berlin Thinking Machines exhibition
Geoff Davis Berlin Thinking Machines exhibition

Artists: Ai-Da Robot, Victor Acevedo, Vladimir Bonačić, Analivia Cordeiro, Pierre Cordier, Geoff Davis, Hans Dehlinger, Primavera de Filippi, Herbert W. Franke, Hein Gravenhorst, Ira Greenberg, Samia Halaby, Heinrich Heidersberger, Karl Martin Holzhäuser, Roger Humbert, Gottfried Jäger, Mario Klingemann, Zach Lieberman, LoVid, Kevin and Jennifer McCoy, Lee Mullican, Frieder Nake, Aaron Penne, Manuel Rossner, Marcel Schwittlick, Travess Smalley, Marina Zurkow

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Computer Arts Society CAS AI Talks

Geoff Davis – AI and Image Art talk CAS – June 2023

Computer Arts Society on Thursday 1 June 2023

Introduction and overview by Geoff Davis, then Luba Elliott (curator) and the artists Anna Ridler, Patrick Lichty, Mark Webster.

Video here:

Geoff Davis –  AI and Text talk CAS – June 2023

The video of the CAS AI & Text talk with Geoff Davis Introduction and overview, and artists Maria Cecilia Reyes, Tivon Rice, Ray LC  and Shu Wan is now online at

There is also an extended transcript on here at AI Text Talk CAS –  Transcript

Presented by CAS and Sean Clark, many thanks.

More details on all the CAS talks and events here

AI Creative Writing Anthology, Editor Geoff Davis – April 2023

I edited the AI Creative Writing Anthology (Leopard Print London) which has 20 stimulating entries and a lot of extra material on the background, references etc. Each author describes their process and feelings abut using the generators so it provides an insight into using AI text. The book is on Amazon and most other sites and has a large free sample.

There’s also some of my own work in there. Watch out for the deluxe print version June 2023.

AI Anthology cover

AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023 GPT-4 ChatGPT

AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023

This was fun to edit as there was such a wide range of material, and really insightful comments on their work process using text generators of many types, from hand coded to GPT. Has artist work for exhibitions as well as stories and poems.

Four of the writers and artists are in my AI and Text talk below, there is a video and transcript.


  • “A good antidote to some of the hysteria. Shows the true creative potential of AI.” Brian Reffin Smith, winner of the first Ars Electronica prize.
  • “The material is fascinating! Really opens up a Pandora’s Box in terms of writing, so I think you’re on to something fresh and very exciting, here!” Mark Keller
  • Thoughtful, arty and provocative, this book is a tour de force of co-created writing for both new and established writers. I saw into the fascinating history of text generation and how machines have helped us not only produce but create. There are countless examples of how authors have used AI fully or only a bit, and what they used as prompts.” Review on Goodreads
  • “I have just read the work and can say that this is a good way to tap into the minds of trailblazers and get inspired! Loved it, very relevant.” Review on Goodreads

Please visit:

New AI Text Generation research

Two new AI academic papers are coming out in summer 2023. I’m researching human-AI interaction. Zurich – February 2023

Geoff Davis Micro Arts elementum 2022 exhibition Zurich Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition Zurich 2023 , curated by Georg Bak, with thanks to Sofia Gkinko, Michel Gurnari, and Dimitria Markou

The new ‘Cubes‘ video and ‘Grid 88‘ art exhibition curated by Georg Bak and shown by in Zurich – please visit “Abstract Originals” and Grid 88  by Geoff Davis at

“Why Cubes?” – when making these videos, we wanted a 3D animation to display the generative art (videographer Patryk Jaworski).Before Micro Arts I was involved with London Film-Makers Coop and London Video Arts, so moving image is natural, rather than stills, which most generative art now seems to be. And cubes have a history in art, reviled by Futurists as not wild enough (‘The Painting of Sounds, Noises and Smells’, Marinetti, 1913) and admired by conceptualists, see Sol LeWitt’s ‘Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes’ (1974) and Manfred Mohr’s ‘Cubic Limit’ series from 1973. In entertainment, Star Trek’s cubic Borg spaceship (First Contact and Voyager series, 1996) is in sharp contrast to the sleek curves of the Starship Voyager. Cubes are also 3D primitives in computer modeling, as are spheres, so this seemed a link to modern CGI as used in films and everywhere else.

We also have sphere videos.

Sphere video still Patryk Jaworski Geoff Davis 2021

Music by Metavista (Jaworski/Davis).

There is a Geoff Davis Catalogue with video in the elementum Blog section.

This 3D video art from my generative art release “Abstract Originals” (Micro Arts MA1) made with video artist and musician Patryk Jaworski.

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 still

MA1 Cube Collection 1-7 video still

My Micro Arts Group work is in the Computer Arts Archive collection please visit.

Metavista music – on Spotify, Apple, etc.

Music and video with Patryk Jaworski. Now on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify and many others.

Metavista – Future Green Planet album. Please listen by clicking here.

Metavista album on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple music etc.
Metavista album on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple music etc.
Geoff and Patryk
Metavista – Patryk Jaworski and Geoff Davis –  basement show 2021




Spatial VR

Spatial VR Metavista and Micro Arts Cubes
Spatial VR Metavista and Micro Arts Cubes


Research paper: AI text and Writing – how do writers use text generation?

My research on AI text and writers is now online at UAL Research at:


Micro Arts Group, Geoff Davis, CAS Exhibition at British Computer Society BCS London – 2022

Sean Clark opening the CAS BCS Micro Arts exhibition 2022
Sean Clark opening the CAS BCS Micro Arts exhibition 2022
Micro Arts exhibition CAS BCS 2022
Micro Arts exhibition CAS BCS 2022

Micro Arts Group exhibition at British Computer Society Moorgate London July to October 2022. I founded and coded Micro (computer) Arts Group. This often is mistaken for micro art, which is art in the eye of a needle, in a matchbox, and so on.

Microcomputer Arts Group
Microcomputer Arts Group

See Micro Arts Group for more details.

Micro Arts Group, Geoff Davis, CAA Leicester Depot Exhibition 2021

Leicester Depot exhibition 8-Bit Geoff Davis Micro Arts
Leicester Depot exhibition 8-Bit Geoff Davis Micro Arts Group Sean Clark 2021
Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition
Geoff Davis talk at Micro Arts Group exhibition
Geoff Davis Exhibition MA4 Story Generator
Geoff Davis Depot Exhibition MA4 Story Generator

This was the first show in the Micro Arts revival, organised by Sean Clark of the Computer Arts Society (founded 1968)  and Archive (which Sean founded). He also runs the Archive and Micro Arts material in as a big section (see below). Big thanks to Sean Clark who is amazingly creative and hard-working . Please visit his site at Interact Digital Arts.

Micro Arts first exhibition was at the London Film-Makers Cooperative LFMC back when is was a real organisation. This showed MA1 “Abstract Originals” and MA4 Story Generator on continous monitor display, as a kind of future ambience. I must say the monitors are a bit bigger these days!

LFMC London Film Makers Coop Camden NW1 1985 poster
LFMC London Film Makers Co-op Camden NW1. This image is from ‘Soft Floor, Hard Film: 50 Years of the London Film-Makers’ Co-op.’ by Marcos Ortega.

This site is for my current activities. Links here:

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Micro Arts MA1:5

Micro Arts MA1:5  Texture Grid

This work has just been added to the Computer Arts Society’s Archive (British Computer Society) – visit archive

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Metaverse – 3D and VR

Here’s my VRML (1996) gallery ..

VRML gallery Metaverse 1995
VRML gallery [Metaverse] 1995
VRML gallery Metaverse 1995
VRML gallery [Metaverse] 1995