AI Mood Bias

AI Mood Bias - Geoff Davis
AI Mood Bias – Geoff Davis

AI MOOD BIAS – Geoff Davis UAL CCI – 2023

Presented at EVA London Conference at BCS Moorgate July 2023

SLIDES PDF: AI Mood Bias Geoff Davis 2023

VIDEO – Geoff Davis – Mood Bias / Happy Ending Syndrome EVA London talk please click here!

  • Robot Rorschach
  • A Visit from ChatGPT
  • GPT on the Couch
  • Humanistic counselling for AI
Mood Bias Robot Rorschach Geoff Davis
Mood Bias, Robot Rorschach, Geoff Davis

References only (pdf, draft): 

References AI Mood Bias 2023 v1.2 Geoff Davis

Mood Bias in AI Text:

The Psychology of AI Large Language Models:

Mood Bias & Happy Ending Syndrome

Four psychometric experiments to find and explore Mood Bias – positive emotional tone in AI text generation, using LLMs ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, GPT-J and mores

With results

Geoff Davis and Mick Grierson

Director of Studies: Professor Mick Grierson


This is a multi-mode four part study to analyse the emotional tone of generated texts, with:

  • Robot Rorschach – image captioning techniques, based on Rorschach’s famous inkblots
  • stage setting or jailbreaking used to place the AI into therapeutic scenarios
  • narrative continuation prompts
  • humanistic counselling approaches used for text prompts

Aims of experiments

  • Analyse emotional terms used in long form language of recent AI large language models, in order to gauge the emotional tone of the outputs
  • Use Natural Language Processing NLP to analyse sentiment and details to find patterns
  • Find variations when using different generators

For more details, email geoffdavis5 AT gmail com