Hi everyone!

Have you done anything with AI generated or computerised text and image?

AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023 GPT-4 ChatGPT
Edition Zero: AI Creative Writing Anthology Geoff Davis 2023

I edited the first AI Creative Writing Anthology, there’s now a second edition, and I’m asking writers, experimenters and artists if they’d like to contribute. The forthcoming second edition already has many famous names in it (to be announced shortly), and will be published in November.

This modest independent AI Anthology will expand over coming years (keeping older work) so will become a historical compendium of enormous size and breadth. You have been warned!

This will be free ebook and pay for print book. There will be a new cover, a bit artier. The current cover has the standard “AI-Human” classic image, everyone recognises it.

Question: do you have anything you’ve experimented with using AI (or computers generally) that you’d like to contribute? Can be short or long, art or no art, abstract or whatnot. Especially whatnot. Please email geoffdavis5 gmail com

Or if you just like an email when it comes out, also email me.

There might be some fun internet tie-ins with this, so keep watching.

Note: I labelled the first book ‘Edition Zero’ but that was just for a laugh. Or is it? (Cue AI singularitiy doom music.)


AI Creative Writing Anthology: 20 Authors share how to use computer tools