AI Creative Writing Anthology Second Edition

Hi everyone! Have you done anything with AI generated or computerised text and image? I edited the first AI Creative Writing Anthology, there’s now a second edition, and I’m asking writers, experimenters and artists if they’d like to contribute. The forthcoming second edition already has many famous names in it (to be announced shortly), and Continue Reading

AI & Image Art CAS Talk 1 June 2023 – video & transcripts online

AI & Image Art CAS Talk 1st June 2023 The talk included Geoff Davis (host and Introduction), Luba Elliot (curator) with a history of AI Art, and the artists Anna Ridler, Mark Webster and Patrick Lichty. Transcripts are below the video. With thanks to CAS and Sean Clark. AI and Text talk is also online, Continue Reading

AI and Image Art Talk – Geoff Davis – 1 June 2023 – Computer Arts Society CAS

See below for the transcript of the whole evening. Introduction from Geoff Davis followed by the four speakers from the book, Luba Elliott Anna Ridler Patrick Lichty Mark Webster This first part is EXTRAS to the Talk, which were not in the live talk. To get to the actual talk, scroll or search down down Continue Reading

CAS AI and Text Talk 26 April 2023 Transcript

AI and Text Talk – Geoff Davis – 26 April 2023 – Computer Arts Society CAS See below for the transcript of the whole evening, the introduction from Geoff Davis, the four speakers from the book, Tivon Rice, Ray LC, Maria Cecilia Reyes and Shu Wan. Mentioned in Geoff’s introduction as successful contemporary gallery text-art Continue Reading

AI writing apps and software CST – top 10 – top 50

(Updated frequently) A long list of writing software that uses AI, quoting their by-lines (more than 50 now) AI text processing writing software, also including Notes Story Board (zooming), Granthika, Scrivener. Includes NLP and text generation techniques. October 2021, updated ocasionally – last Nov 2022 After The Deadline “We use artificial intelligence and natural Continue Reading

Death In The Bubble world – Easy Money Units or EMUs electronic digital currency

Easy Money Units or EMUs, the original electronic digital currency in fictional form, are tokens used for various nefarious purposes in the dubious and decaying Bubble World. Death in the Bubble World was my novella published in three Em books from 1997 to 2000. EMUs are stored in handbags not wallets, and traded around the Continue Reading

A Mountain of Pent Up Tears – children’s stories generated texts

Children’s stories – this is part of the classic literature series on this blog, experiments in hybrid fiction.  I turned out so fast, I barely looked back. (I turned to look, only to find the figure had gone.) What has gone before was the dark room. In the far left corner lay a pile of Continue Reading

Sentiment Analysis of Caption, News and Fiction text generation experiments

From: text generation editor research (UAL London 2020 see credits). What happens when writers use a computer text generator to write articles, giving them only an image prompt. Go to Index of AI research Sentiment Analysis The Study had three text generation and editing tasks, to make a Caption,  a News article, and a Fiction Continue Reading