Micro Arts was founded by me in the 1980s, to make, distribute and promote computer art. There is a website about it  – visit Micro Arts Group.

Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition 2021
Geoff Davis Micro Arts exhibition 2021

There was a big exhibition organised by the Computer Arts Archive at the LCB Depot, Leicester UK in June 2021. This was Micro Art’s first exhibition since 1985!

The huge range of work in Micro Arts is being released as an NFT collection later this year. This will include the four curated sets of computer art and story generators etc. released in the 1980s (three by Geoff Davis, one by Martin Rootes), along with tokens for the Magazine, the final destination Prestel, and Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown’s images using Quantel paintbox, which were the first ever (Hockney was later).

Visit the Micro Arts website above for videos, images, the ebook, etc..

Please email me for more details geoffdavis5 AT gmail DOT com