Ownership and Plagiarism of generated texts

Two of the questions after the text generation experiments dealt with ownership of the text. Do you feel that you have used somebody else’s work? [Likart scale 1-5, Strongly Agree, Agree… Strongly Disagree] Does this seem relevant and why? Do you think you could sell this as your own work? [Likart scale 1-5] Do you Continue Reading

Edit generated text or not? That is the question

Index of AI research Summary The writing task involved generating text and then copying it into a text editor for rewriting, to create a hybrid work. The text generator allowed repeats but no actual fine editing. So by observing what happened in the editing window, it was possible to see if any editing had taken place. Continue Reading

A Mountain of Pent Up Tears – children’s stories generated texts

Children’s stories – this is part of the classic literature series on this blog, experiments in hybrid fiction.  I turned out so fast, I barely looked back. (I turned to look, only to find the figure had gone.) What has gone before was the dark room. In the far left corner lay a pile of Continue Reading