Fake news and Occupations – Poets and Scientists – it’s debateable

Fake news and Occupations Visit Index page  SUMMARY – Artists and Report writers A visible effect in a boxplot of the data is that the two highest word counts were from Artists and Report Writers. Remember artists have to fill up a lot of grant forms. See Boxplot explanation for how they work (also shows Continue Reading

Stats explanation – boxplots

BOXPLOTS or ‘box-and-whisker’ plots Go to Index of AI research I will try to explain what the boxplot, a visual summary, or graphic visualisation of data, means by showing actual data. [If required – BACK to blog ‘People get emotional – text generation’ in my 2020 study] This plots data for Occupation (eg, Other, Student, Continue Reading

People get emotional – text generation with real writing – computer AI research

In August 2020 research (UAL, see credits) I examined what would happen if and when writers use a computer text generator to write articles, giving them only an image prompt. Go to Index of AI research Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness – emotion charts are after this introduction. Can text generation help the human writing process? Continue Reading