PEN International supports oppressed writers

PEN International

Please visit PEN International to support writers suffering under oppression.

Hubristic power-mad oppressors persecute writers, artists, musicians, architects, anyone they want to crush, perverting State apparatuses in their unfair and illegal abuse of power. This happens everywhere and must be revealed by public disclosure.

Oppressors’ lies and persecution must be stopped by the power of democracy.

I am a member of PEN International. I encourage you to also support this excellent and long-lived organisation. They also support young and diverse writers and have much interesting material on their website.

Visit now!



Declaration of interest: I was published as a young author by PEN in their New Fiction Anthology, with Ben Okri, Patricia Connolly, Deborah Levy, Thomas McCarthy, Iain Sinclair, and many others, edited by Peter Ackroyd.