Life in the Bubble World
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Dr Quaquarius is a disgraced plastic surgeon scraping an existence in the Bubble World, a place of exiles... he is saved by his mechanical love for Voya Bollard, a love-art performer who dares to do what others only dream... then the ever-evil Mr Banks sets the murderous Gun Family on an apologetic rampage...

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By Geoff Davis:
PEN New Fiction Vol. 1 (anthology, ed. Peter Ackroyd with Ben Okri, Deborah Levy, Iain Sinclair); (published by Quartet, UK, USA)
Loot CD (with Ian Burden of the Human League); (Warner Bros.)
Cow Boils Head Micro Arts Group - a computer MA4 Story Generator, shown in London Film Festival 1985 and recently London, Leicester, Berlin and Zurich; other interactive art
See also Micro Arts Abstract Originals generative art collection at elementum Zurich.
Calm as a Dead Clam - zooming interactive fiction - MA Middlesex University 2003. This work led to zooming storyboard app released 2010 by Story Software.
Metavista music - with Patryk Jaworski 2022-23 Metavista music on Bandcamp

There was a Flash animation but it doesn't run anymore (Flash plugin)
Flash animation and images by Paul Greenleaf of Resident; images within the story by Charlie Mitchell